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road trip!

ok, well it's time for my annual road trip to dallas.

this year i figure i'll go from home ( frederick, md ) to dallas, tx via louisville, ky; evansville, in; st. louis, mo and oklahoma city, ok.

usually go through virginia on the way down but i hate driving on 81 so figured i'd take a more scenic route and see something i've not seen before.

i'll be stopping overnight in louisville, st. louis and okc so if anyone has decent hotel recommendations in those areas i'd appreciate it.

i'll leave here on friday 8/14 and return through arkansas, tennessee and viriginia the following weekend.

first long-distance trip in the boxster. time to grab some sunscreen. and i'll avoid the buffets

1,500 miles to dallas; 1,300 miles to home.
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