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Recently, I put a grand in my Mountaineer, it was test driven before and after the repair by the manager of the facility. I pulled into traffic and was almost rear ended as it attempted to run on far less than eight cylinders. I managed to get it back to the facility where I was met by "there is nothing we worked on that could have caused this". I told the manager that the vehicle was driven upon arrival for evaluation and that although most repairs were to the suspension, changing the tensioner could have knocked something loose. He told me he didn't see how it could be his fault but he'd look at it. As I sat pondering whether this could have possibly just happened I was greeted by the mechanic saying he left the maf unplugged. It was test driven and approved for delivery to customer with maf unplugged, total douche move. The porsche dealer in town once gave me my car back leaking oil, the caliber of the car or repair center doesn't seem to be relevant.

PS No apology from manager Ahole either, now I wrench as much as I can, want it done meticulously? DIY

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