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spark plug noob question

not only have i never changed the spark plugs on my boxster, i've never changed a spark plug period.

so here's my question. if i had screwed it up would it be evident quickly or would it take time / driving to identify?

i replaced two spark plugs so far - it got too dark.

i turned the key and it started right up no hesitation or backfire, etc. no CEL. i let it run for a few minutes.

going to finish up tomorrow, just want to know if i need to go re-do the two i've done.

here's a pic of the first plug i took out along with the new plug.

they were fairly easy except for:
1. my torque wrench broke after i tried to use it the first time. last time i buy a tool from advance auto parts.
2. the spark plug socket didn't want to come out of the tube on the second plug i did. i had to take the plug out again, pull it out of the socket and put it back in then reinsert it into the tube.
3. the allen screws did NOT want to come off, even gave myself a nice cut on my pinky finger when one finally came loose and my hand went flying up and hit the body.

i have one of those little bendy allen wrenches that come with most do-it-yourself furniture that fit in well. i found out the tool that you use unlock / lock the headlight assembly holds the allen wrench perfectly and makes a nice little breaker bar.
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