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Frunk 10W7 Subwoofer (project)

Hello everyone -

I luckily inherited a JL Audio 1000/1 amplifier from my brother today. My friend and I have built numerous audio systems (including install of decks/ creation of sub boxes/speaker installs, etc.) and all installs are first class. He is an electrician and pays close attention to detail. I say this so that you know we have some serious experience working with these systems.

That said, I have had my spare tire removed from the frunk for a long time. With the inheritance of the $800 amp, I am likely going to invest in the JL Audio 10W7 and box materials. The battery is right there for us to tap into and my deck (a pioneer AVIC-N3) has preouts for subs built in.

Any thoughts/ naysayers / ideas? We are just going to do a square box with black carpet which will be easily removable.

Oh yeah, the amp easily weighs 10lbs and the sub weighs 30lbs as per manufacturer specs. I am aware that all of this weight will likely not help the handling characteristics.
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