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Didn't read the articles kabel is refering to but, a really down an dirty method to remedy the situation that will last forever is to simply blob 3M silicone form a gasket where the bushings used to be on both sides.

Lightly put the screws and the horn pad bracket back in. Shim it out the thickness of the original bushing (if you still have a decent one, about 2-3mm?). Let it cure over nite and presto. It will be stiffer but at least you won't be getting flipped off by the guy stopped in front of you any more. You might want to put some car wax on the back of the bracket so it dosn't stick to the frame if you want to take it apart

Mote: if its to stiff and you waxed the right surfaces, you can take it apart again and shave the thickness of the gasket stuff with a new utility knife blade,,. God I hope I didn't repeat Kabels links

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