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There are sizable performance differences in a 2001 boxster and a 2005 Boxster S apart from the radically better interior the 05 - present boxsters have. The 07 - present S model Boxsters also have a 3.4 liter motor in them that is very zippy off the line and fixes that "gee I wish I had just a little more grunt off the line" so many of us complain about.

The Corvette is a completely different animal. Even a base Corvette has "throw your head back" acceleration, but you have to love the Corvette brand a lot to put up with the outrageous amount of rattles, the ride quality (it's as if the car has absolutely no suspension whatsoever according to my kidneys) and the way one feels inside the cabin sitting so low and far away from the dashboard.

If my garage was large enough, I'd have a newer body style Boxster S (or the hardtop version, Cayman S) for twisty road driving and track use and the Corvette for raw 'git down the road as fast as possible driving.

I am actually glad I do not own a Corvette. I would be dangerous with that much power under my right foot.

Drive a bunch of Porsches and Corvettes and delay your purchase and have fun shopping for them. You can't go wrong by driving too many of them and discovering differences in year models, options, and performance.

Boxsters go around corners much better. Corvettes get off the line much better. Both have build-quality issues, although the newer ones on each side are built better than the older ones.

Are you a Porsche man or a Corvette man? Which car did you dream about owning one day when you were a kid? That's the one you will probably not regret buying.

Be sure to return to this thread and let us know what you bought and why. We'd love to know.
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