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Smile 2001-04 Boxster or Corvette

if you're considering owning a sports car which appeal to you most? lot's of power in a straight line or just enough power and handling for the twisties ? Corvettes are nice , but they do fall into the muscle car category, the Boxster is a much refined vehicle.. if you like taking off hard and 1/4 mile racing, go for the Vette, if you prefer good handling, form and function, and on the track... go for the Boxster.. now for the reliability issue, the Boxster or even the Vette are just about the same considering they were both maintained properly.. the Boxster will be more costly for parts etc..
image/class/prestige and all the crap that goes with it, i'll leave it for you! i maybe biased 'cause i own an 04S, but i would'nt mind considering an older 66 or a 71 Vette oven a newer Vette in the 05-07 model year.. confusing isn't it?
good luck!
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