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Originally Posted by cvhs18472
Can you please explain to me who your are and of what value to you is this information. Is for a reliability study which is to be sold for a price or is it for your own information and the good of the Boxster community? Is anyone funding this research and what is their reason for funding. If these questions are answered I bet a lot more people , like myself , will be willing to participate. If it is a financial investment don't you think that offering some incentive of true value is appropo as we have what you want. Information has a value. Just my oponion. Ed
Sorry for the late response--the notification must have gone into my spam folder.

I conduct this research primarily for those who participate in it. Participants receive access to the results for all cars, not just the Boxster, for free--something that other reliability surveys do not offer. I do hope to benefit the Boxster community in general, so any reliability stats for the Boxseter will also be posted here.

I have been funding this research out of my own pocket. I justify it to my wife by saying there will eventually be some financial return, but we're not nearly there yet. My primary motivation has always been that I felt a need for more frequently updated, numeric reliability stats, and no one else was willing to provide such information to the general public. Sometimes if you want something done you need to do it yourself.

There are now 220 Boxster owners signed up to help. It looks like we'll have the first partial results in November. We will need larger sample sizes to provide stats for specific failure, like the IMS.

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