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How to tighten up steering/chassis??

my base has 75k miles. At lower speeds it feels pretty solid. As you get to freeway speeds, I can feel that the car gets "looser" and more fidgety, and you can feel some play in the steering,suspension.

to get that "tighter" steering feel back - make it steer/feel more like it did when it was a lowe rmile car - can you swap out just bushings, or does the car need/require new suspension components at some point?

i am not expecting my 2000 boxster to "drive like a new car" and it's not *that* bad, really. BUT, if I could change out bushings alone, and get a lot of the "tightness" back, I might look into it.

maye the cost would be outweighed by minimal improvements? i figured someone hwere would know, or has tackled this issue and has some insight for me...
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