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Haven't used it, can't talk about the Griot's specifically.

A lot of times people will do the sealant, then follow with the carnauba on top. I do that as well, and have been pleased with the results.

I just "wash" the car---for the most part---using the Perfectlap Optimum No Rinse technique, since it mostly just gets dusty, not outright dirty/muddy. Takes like 15 minutes, if that.

My car is also garaged, and I actually used to use just the carnauba as well, and it seemed to work fine. These days, I just top off with some Duragloss Aquawax every few washes. I do the sealant maybe once a year, the carnauba 'from time to time', and (as I said) the Aquawax every few washes.

Isn't the finish on these cars WONDERFUL?
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