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I'm in Houston too.

Best places are any Discount Tire or Tire Rack (bought online).

Just don't let DT talk you into buying crap tires they recommend that you've never heard of.

The Sumitomo HTRZ III's aren't bad tires and are priced right. I run Michelin PS2's and they're very expensive.

If your car doesn't have relatively new rubber on it, you should replace the other side's tire as well with the same brand and model to keep the tread the same. Our cars are downright dangerous in the rain with non-matching tread wear or non-matching treat patterns.

Expect a wait for whatever tires you buy. DT doesn't usually keep our widths in stock nor do they keep the brands most Pcar owners want.

One more thing... don't try to patch that tire. The patch heats up at one temp while the rest of the tire heats up at a different temp and you could have a blowout when driving at higher speeds or under hard cornering.

Actually two more things... when you get your tires, be sure you are at a DT that has a Hunter 9700 series balancing machine and they can do "road force balancing" for you. This will make sure they put the heaviest part of the rubber on the lightest part of the rim and balance it better than the average balancing machine can provide. Most DT's have them but a few don't so call around.

Hope this helps!
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