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what did you pay for your top and what did you pay for install? or did you DIY??

can you see any major difference in the top vs your OEM top or is it something "invisible" that you can't see from inside the car looking up at the top while closed??

my canvass top was replced a couple years ago by the dealer under warranty by the former owner. why they didn't covert to a glass 03-04 top I don't know - maybe the part was more mney, maye the warranty wouldn't do it..i dunno... but my canvass is VERY clean. It would be hard to justify going to glass for all the expense JUST to get glass... although believe me, I want to...

$300 vs $1500..... arrgghhhh...

i'm about to buy another car current DD took a crap and I had to sell it. I'm back in the maket for antoher car AND found out my work is cutting pay for 7-10% due to the "economic crisis" shelling out "extra" money might not fly well with my CFO / wifey.

honestly... for a car i only drive on weekens...I honestly coudl live with a new plastic top - as long as it turns out nice. but glass would be nice!
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