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I called a local upholstery shop that has been in San Diego for years and years - they quoted me $275 to restitch the plastic window. they said they can get me tinted plastic for another $30 but they have to special order it as they don't normally stock that... so $300. they said it takes less than a day.

they said they do NOT take the top off the frame. they remove the top from the car and do it while it's on the frame.

they said they can upgrade to a glass top window - I dind't ask if it was GAAH or some other brand - but the cost to convert to an all new top with glass - $1425. that is a total cost including labor.

so essentially i'm looking at an extra $1000 to go to glass. i'm almost tempted to go to glass b/c I HATE the chop. I would LOVE to be able to jump in the car, fire it up, drive off, and then just put my top down as I'm cruising at 5-10mph... I've got that fuse hack so I can raise/lower the top while rolling after just clicking the ebrake up one little click..but I NEVER do it to lower the top b/c I can't properly fold the window..I do it all the time when raising the top and it's soooo convenient.

decisions decisions...

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