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Plastic Window Cracked - cheap fixes?

This morning, headed to work and the weather was nice, and I wanted to drop the top. I opened the top, started opening it, and I normally stop it about 1/2 way to get out and "chop" my plastic window to fold it nicely...

before I even got to 1/2 way, I hear a "pop/crack" sound. I get out and look at the window and see that it has cracked. The edge portion, millimeters from the seam/stitching on the border of hte window cracked - it's not that visible as it's only about 2" long, it's parallel to the seam, and immediately next to the it's somewhat hidden...but I know it's only a matter of time until it spreads and becomes an eyesore.

My top was replaced a couple years ago, so the canvass portion is perfect. I really don't want to go spend a couple grand for a new top just to fix the plastic window.

Years ago I owned a Miata that also had a plastic rear window that did the same thing and a local upholstery shop was able to remove my plastic window and stitch a new one in for like $250. it looked OEM. I'd much rather suffer with another plastic window if I can replace it this cheap vs buying a whole new top for several thousand.

anyone successfully do that on the boxsters?
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