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IMS FAILURE 2003 Boxster S

2003 Boxster S with IMS Failure at 59,679 miles. Bought it last January and was not aware of engine failure issues, so no extended warranty. No help from Porsche (yes, I've tried). WP0CB29853U662794

Posted safety complaint with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and complaint with BBB. I'm disappointed at how few complaints NHTSA has registered.

Car has been sitting in our garage for a month, and I don't see any solution. It's not worth fixing - unless a miracle happened and the bearing failed without destroying the rest of the engine. Is this very likely? Not from what I've read, but would like to hear if it happens sometimes.

It would take about half the vehicle value to put in a used engine - with potential for same failure. Most of the vehicle value to put in a fancy remanufactured engine with corrections.

I don't think it can be sold for much with the IMS failure - anyone know what the car in this condition goes for?

There on many posts on bulletin boards saying that this problem is amplified by the internet . I don't know, but I've got one of the bad ones. If Porsche's statistics on these engines are fine, they should publish them. Maybe then I could stop being pissed at Porsche, and accept it as bad luck.

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