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Originally Posted by mkaresh
A few owners have contacted me, asking to include the Boxster in the reliability survey conducted at The key question: how common are IMS failures? In response, I've made getting the Boxster into the survey a top priority.

Here's how the research works: an email goes out once a month. If you have a repair, report it. If there have been no repairs, just report an approximate odometer reading at the end of the quarter--takes about 20-30 seconds four times a year.

We promptly update results quarterly, to closely track cars as they age.

Models are included in the survey once 25 owners sign up. Currently the 2000, 2005, and 2007 are each about halfway, and other years aren't far behind.

To encourage participation, free access to all results, not just those for the Boxster, is provided to everyone who signs up to participate.


Car reliability research
Can you please explain to me who your are and of what value to you is this information. Is for a reliability study which is to be sold for a price or is it for your own information and the good of the Boxster community? Is anyone funding this research and what is their reason for funding. If these questions are answered I bet a lot more people , like myself , will be willing to participate. If it is a financial investment don't you think that offering some incentive of true value is appropo as we have what you want. Information has a value. Just my oponion. Ed

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