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Here is te thing i took out the plug from the lock button and placed it on the back of the rear defrost and it lights up fine. There seems to not be any power coming from the defrost plug at all. The odd thing is there is power going to the convertible top just not lighting up. I also ran durametric and pulled these codes from the car

Porsche fault code 93 - Tank vent system

Interior sensor faulty

is there a fuse that controls any of these lights on the right side only ... light a relay or something. There is no juice coming from the defroster plug at all and i have a gahh top with rear glass... with the harness plugged in wtf is going on. I wiggled the key and nothing no lights came on. I got a dumb question that may have nothing to do with it. On the back of the cigarette light there is a green piece is there suppose be anything plugged into that. It seems like my defrost, and convertible top do not light and i have a feeling that there should be something in there.. any know what i am talking about..

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