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Disaster PLZZZ someone help

Ok I posted this problem about month ago and lil bastard responded. Here is the problem my rear defrost button does not work or light up and also my convertible top button does not light at all but works when my headlights are off(still no light but it operates to open the convertible top). If the headlights are on the top will not operate at all (also to remind everyone the e-brake is in the up position).Another problem is the console light at top and the door check lights are lighting up but very light almost like not much power is going to them. I checked both the A5 fuse and C3 fuse and they are both fine not popped (lil bastard suggestion . I am confused as to what it could be . The thing with the headlights being on and the convertible top not working is odd but then if i shut off the lights it is fine and openings and closing with no problem .(only thing it doesn't do is light up) . When i mean light up I mean that when the top is either up/down and I am driving with the headlights on the the defrost and convertible buttons do not light at all... What could it be? I am not sure this has anything to do with it but my alternator was replaced 2 mths ago and I am not sure if this happened before cause it had the hard top on it. Plus the car was sitting for a while. Also my starter has become to make the high pitch sound and I have ordered a new one but not sure these have anything to do with the problems i am having. What fuse controls the lights of the buttons and the console,door check lights if that is even the problem....I am also going to add one thing when i am driving out of the blue the sound goes off almost similar to the door being open but yet it's not. I am not sure if that has anything to do with it

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