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Boxster Side Decals

first of all i guess i should introduce myself and say hi,,,hi!!!
im in the UK and owned a 99 boxster for all of 2 weeks, ive posted pics in the gallery section for anyone who wants to take a look.
This really wasnt a planned purchase for me, the only other porsche ive owned was a s2 944 cab and it left me a little put off, it wasnt a good example and just kind of put me off porsche which i know is unfair but,,,,i decided to try again, and ive got to say, this is the best fun ive had in a car,,ever.
So,,,my question is,,,whats peoples opinions of side decals? Ive only seen a few members on here whos cars have them, but i really like the look. Ive ordered some black ones which i think will go best with the ocean jade paint work.
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