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question to those who have changed bumpers

Got a question for those of you have replaced your front or rear bumpers with 911 or aftermarket bumpers (front or rear) where an autobody shop did the painting and mounting. When you picked up the car did the shop give you back the original bumper? My buddy had his bumper replaced recently and he asked me this question. I told him "Come to think of it they didn't! and when I upgraded the bumper on my last car using a completely different shop they didn't return the orignal either!". Both of these bumpers had a little bit of damage (scrapes, chips,etc) and I don't have a second car to bring the bumper home in so I didn't make a fuss. I remember making plans to sell the original thru Ebay for whatever but I knew I'd never get around to wrapping it and arranging for freight shipping.
But now I'm wondering what the shop does with it. If they sell it to a 3rd party I'm thinking they should pay the owner a fee. Somehow I can't imagine the shop putting out a Porsche bumper for the garbage guy to take away. I'm also wondering if this practice isn't a little shady.
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