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PSM is nice, but not a must have [to me]. I use it, but theoretically I could also control the car by knowing the car and handling it correctly.

Rear glass window is a must have [to me].

I have an '04 2.7 base model. The extra kick of the S would be more fun, but honestly I rarely get to enjoy the power of all the gears in the base. I have to go to a track to even feel third all the way to its abilities, so I am not disappointed that I don't have an S.

$2k for the warranty - nice to have. Your call. You can take it to the dealer for every nitpicky thing that isn't right. Or you can resolve every nitpicky thing that isn't right for less than 2k. For major issues - its a gamble if you will or won't have any, so what kind of risk taker are you?

Better stereo is probably gonna matter to you after a while.

Xenon lights - well I have them and I like them but I can see the road just fine with other options so this is cosmetic only. If you can afford the car and Xenon lights is really cool to you, take that one.

I'm leaning towards the 2004 with 44k miles. Or keep looking and get a better price for same/similar car from an individual.
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