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Originally Posted by schnellman
Maybe you'll have better luck than I did, but may I suggest you keep extra coolant in trunk for a week or two after the change? I refilled the radiator and let it idle until the fans came on and refilled it and it still wasn't good enough. Every time I drove the Box for a week I got the coolant light telling me to add more. I did this probably a half dozen times before she finally had enough. Always afraid of over filling, I added just enough each time. Again, maybe you'll get it right the first time, but I think it wise to carry some extra coolant wherever you go for a week or so. If you need it you'll have it and if you don't -- no harm done.

That is pretty normal when changing coolant. Seems these systems need to be replenished a few times after the change.

And, yes, there is NO lifetime anything when it comes to fluids.
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