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join your local Porsche Club of America (PCA) each club has a Track Chairman who will happily talk your ear off about the subject. The first thing is you will need is to pass a broom stick test. Git in yer Boxster put on yer hardhat and have your buddy hold a broom stick over your head to see if the stick can rest on the windshield on one end and the roll bar on the other end. If your helmet touches the broom stick at all you'll have to buy the Boxster roll bar extension $600 or swap out the seat for a lower driving position. Every track requires passing a broomstick test. And that's just the first thing you need to consider. I would consider doint some Autocross first. THese events always have instructors who will teach you some fundamentals for the price of entering the event. Allot of the same principles taught in very expensive entry level schools. Get used to the car cornering and accelerating, hard braking etc. and then look into a High Performance driving school. You'll have more confidence going into the school if you have done a year's worth of Autocross. Jim Russell also wrote a book called "Principles of Driving" which is used at the Skip Barber schools. A very voluminous read with every question you could possibly have answered and explained.

SCCA and NASA also have track events across the country.
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