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Ok, Thanks for the quick update. I did pull the boot and ash tray out and was able to hook up the shifter back so at least it was drivable.

The info you posted makes a strong case on the issues since this was the 2nd time it popped out since I had the shifter added. I plan to have the mechanic adjust it to work as it should. I already paid to have it set correct to start with!

After I had re-attached the shifter to the cable and poked around. I saw the adjustments areas but did not have time to tinker nor any instructions to adjust so it would have been a hit and miss session.

Regarding the 1300.00 I should have been more detailed (sorry for the scare). it was about 500.00 in labor the rest was parts since the whole cable assembly needed replaced because the plastic cup on the OEM cable shifter had shattered and the whole assembly needed replaced. Since they were in their I had them throw the short shifter in. The cable assembly now has a metal connector instead of plastic.

When I picked up the car after it popped out the 2nd time, they reccomended I do a gearbox service with redline fluid and this could help keep the shifter from popping loose. Maybe their is some truth to what they say.

Shifter Cable 302.00
retainers 60.00
holddowns 17.00
short shifter 299.00
Labor 545.00
tax 49.00

I do track the car about 8 times a year so I do tend to have things needing attn.
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