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Originally Posted by pk2
Sounds like a great idea. would you data include a repair history? Also, why not come out of the gate with the most grievous offenders; late 98's-early 99's ?
I'd love to have information on all model years. At this point, it's up to you guys. Whatever years we have enough data on, we'll provide results for.

It's possible to post repair histories even before a year is included in the main survey. There's a second survey with no minimum for simply posting repairs to the site. In the Repair Histories section responses to both surveys are merged.

The 25 number is a bare minimum for a reasonably stable result (one not likely to change much from update to update). You do have very wide confidence intervals with a sample of just 25. More is certainly better. We have sample sizes of 100+ for a few models, and a sample size over 230 for one.

With the Boxster and Cayman, we currently have 131 for all model years. Most for any year is 21 for the 2000. Up from about 75 when I first posted this thread, but we still have a way to go.

Details here:

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