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Your choice of rotors depends on whether you're looking for performance or show. Slotted rotors will cool a bit better but will bite your pads a bit more and so wear them faster. This is a good thing if you're running at the track, but will increase your pad change interval. Drilled rotors look cool, probably cool better than slotted, but are more subject to failure. I'd use these for a street driven car that you want to look cool.

For pads, I love the EBC greens for street use - they don't dust or squeak, stop very well, and are way cheaper than stock pads. However, if you take them to the track you will melt down a complete set in (and I'm not exaggerating) 15 minutes. For track use I tend to run EBC Yellows for the front and greens on the rear - The yellows stand up to the heat for a complete track day and greens on the rear will add a bit of rearward brake bias and are OK to run since the rears don't heat up that much.
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