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Boxster/Carrera Door Latch - Window Problems?

For sale: Part # 3B1-837-015-E

Boxster (Carrera?) interior drivers door latch assembly.

This is the unit which contains the micro switches that cause the window drop (Comfort Open/Close) to act strange.

If you have this problem you'll know what I mean!

Also causes the door locks to sometimes lock/unlock when hitting a bump.

Also causes the door lock button sometimes to immediately unlock right after you pushed it to lock.

A tough one to troubleshoot because EVERYONE, when you describe the symptoms tells you to "replace the regulator", which is NOT the problem.

I bought this from Sunset and never installed it (still new in box) because someone bought my car before I got around to doing the job, car is now gone.

Sunset has a strict 30 day return policy or it'd go back to them!

Current Sunset prices...List: $365, Sell: $281.67

From me $200 shipped.........
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