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CEL Help

Hi Everyone,

Well, so far I have been lucky enough to be the one giving out advice for small projects that I have done. Posting little pictures under show & tell, etc. This morning I went to my indy mechanic in Canada to get an oil leak taken care of. There was a small bit of oil drippings every few days just in front of the driver's side rear tire. He said it was a small tear in the oil lines and was able to replace them. I drive the 20 miles home, all good.

So tonight, after returning to my apartment on the US side of the border, with the gorgeous weather I wanted to go out for a drive. I put the top down and got approx. 1/2 mi. from home when the CEL (or change engine light as I have heard) came on. This is a first for my car in 2 years. So I have a dilemma, do I:

A) Drive it the 20 miles across the border and take it back to my indy to get it fixed. (He is a good mechanic, worked for Porsche for many, many years).


B) Not risk driving it, have it towed to the local dealer in the US and have them figure it out.

I should note: I have no idea what it is, and have no diagnostic software. There was no puff of smoke, the engine was not running rough before the light came on, and even with it still on still sounds normal. I read in the owner's manual it could be from a gas cap not tightened enough (and I did get gas today), so I unscrewed it and tightened it again and tucked her away in the garage for the evening while I think about what I should do. Can I get some input from you guys? Has this (a CEL with no rough running or odd symptoms/sounds) happend to you? Is it safe to drive it without doing serious damage?

Thanks in advance. I know you guys will give me some good input if you can before I make a decision.
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