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JVC KD-AVX44 piggyback on CDR-23

I could not bear to fork over $2000+ for an AVIC transplant, so instead I'm going to piggyback a JVC KD-AVX44 head unit onto my CDR-23 using an inline RF modulator*.

This DIY will document adding the JVC KD-AVX44 into the console slot that currently houses the CD storage tray. The JVC should look awesome in the console.

If things go as I hope, my '03 will remain almost entirely stock, and I will enjoy DVD, MP3/AAC/WMA, Bluetooth, and Sirius capabilities.

Items ordered today:
JVC KD-AVX44 Multimedia Receiver
Scosche Audio FM Modulator (with RCA inputs)
European to Motorola antenna adapters
JVC KSSRA100 Satellite Radio Interface
Sirius Radio SC-C1 kit

Stay tuned!

*I am aware that some of you will think this is a horrible idea. I appreciate that you have an opinion, but I don't need to hear that opinion. I'm trying something new, so please table any negativity for the time being. Thanks!
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