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Originally Posted by mts
For the S at least, not saying its not "possible", but you are looking well under market value. You'll have to find a car that's been very poorly maintained (not a good idea as it will cost you a lot more in the end) or you'll have to find someone pretty desperate to sell. Maybe you can find a base for that.
The base model is the one im looking for - like everyone says, i have seen no S models in this price range.

Iv'e seen a couple of bases in the classifieds for this price, but theyre mostly from dealers. its frustrating because when you get in touch with them they start the "Well its only that price if you were in the army in the last 6 months and allready own a porsche and finance at 20% and talk to us on a tuesday afternoon when its exactly 50 degrees outside and theres 2 clouds in the sky, but since its not, the car is 5k more "

it really gets me mad that dealers do this stuff, this is one of the many reasons that this economy is the way it is and the car market is tanking.

so the searching goes on...

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