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Another oil post....

OK, so to add on to this thread a little late -

I've read through LN's and Jake Raby's site, and all of the posts I can find.

I see that Royal Purple 5W-30 appears to be a good choice, as well as Swepco. I see on LN's website that is Brad Penn is their recommended oil for aircooled P-cars, does the same apply for the water-cooled descendants?

I happen to have a local distributor for Brad Penn, although its a little more out of the way than the Royal Purple. Is anyone running the Brad Penn in their 986?

I'm an engineer by education, so when I saw I could do oil analysis and really get an idea of the oil composition, I was sold. Is there anyone currently doing it that could add any comments on composition trends to look for? i.e., my X content started to climb, and then I had to buy a new motor?

'99 w/ 40K hoping to keep its original motor
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