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Originally Posted by ISUnorth
I am a lean 150 pounds (ex-10k runner, not a jockey) and am used to driving alone most of the time. Had to take my A4 to a work meeting because all the government-mobiles were out. I am guessing the other three guys riding with me added around 750 pounds. Ye ole 1.8 turbo didnít have as much pep as normal with all of that extra weight. When I think I am overloading the trunk carting around rock or lumber I just remind myself that itís probably still less weight than two geotechnical engineers!

BTW, LoveBunny is right about New Orleans. I believe all of our guys detailed there comeback heavier and most werenít lean to start with!

I think we've probably got about the highest obesity rate in the country. I've even heard people who went to Weight Watchers meetings here say they attended meetings in other states and were like, "Where are all the fat people?"
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