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IMS failure

I have just experienced the joy of an IMS failure. I have a 2004 Boxster S special edition. The car has 30,290 miles and went out of warrenty about 6 months ago.

There was absolutely no warning that anything was wrong. Driving along and stop at a light and hear THUMP..THUMP..THUMP. Shut down the engine. Restart and no slowly and the engine light comes on. Drive 2 miles to the dealer (lucky for me) and while he is getting me a loaner my wife asks me if I'd be surprised that oil was pouring out from under the car.

When we drove to the dealer, the engine was running without noticable problems except for the original THUMP..THUMP..THUMP. The car never had a temperature issue or and oil pressure issue.

New Engine ... here I come. THank goodness for extended warrenties.
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