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While I relish the thought of sending my seats, door panels, and dash to the same guy as James is using, I must say that an all-leather interior in a convertible is not the best way to go.

Leather on a dashboard is susceptible to all sorts of hazards. It gets a beating from the sun, gets dried out any time the top is down, and then there's the issue of moisture... when and if I get a leather dashboard redo, I will discontinue the use of my windshield defroster and I may even go so far as to block the ventilation to the defroster area permanently when the dash is off for the leather work.

The leather will ripple and separate from the glue with extra cold or hot air blowing by it and condensation and moisture collects at the edge as well.

Just stuff to think about when you decide to go over the top with your boxster.

BTW, I have found that the black leather dye sold by leatherique is simply amazing on porsche vinyl as well as worn leather. It made my passenger door look brand new sans the dings and dents in it. It's a much cheaper alternative to having your black leather and vinyl pieces redone in leather and you do not have to remove the pieces to use it if you are careful.
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