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987 sport vs power seats

Hello, I am looking at two 987s cars. One has sport seats and the other has power seats (non sport). I only have had the opportunity to sit in the sport model as that is all my local dealer has in stock, so I would like to ask your opinions of both.

My initial impression of the sport seats was that the seat base did not tilt up enough for me...meaning I wanted more bolster under my thighs. They also fit great around my waist, but felt too narrow through the shoulders, kind of like they were jabbing into my lats (not a bodybuider).
The salesman said I would get used to the shoulder narrowness. Maybe so...sometimes I don't totally trust the breed

I have a couple of questions for those of you with experience with the seats.
1. Does anyone feel like the seat base of the sport seats needs to tilt more, and is there a way they can be modified that is cost-effective?
2. How do the power seats compare? I know they have tilt functionality in the base so that may help with thigh support. I have very long legs so that may be a factor here.

For those of you who have tried both, which did you choose and why?
Thank you in advance. I have used the search function but have not found comparisons there.
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