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SOLD = Driver's side GT3 seat

I bought a 996 GT3 seat for my car to get more headroom. It gives me less headroom so I'm selling it. I've put it in the car, but never even bolted it in. It's brand new and in brand new condition with no miles on it. I sat in it a couple of times out of the car, and a couple in the car.

It is cloth. It is genuine Porsche. It has the floor mount, sliders and side mount brackets all assembled on the seat (as it came from Porsche).

I prefer to sell it to somebody in the Chicago area as that will save them shipping costs, and save me the hassle (and worry) of shipping it to them. If somebody outside of Chicago wants it, the buyer will pay for shipping. I will box it back up in the Recaro box it was shipped to me in.

I paid $1300 for this seat, and that's what I'd like to sell it for. I got it the week before Porsche raised their prices on this seat. The best prices I've seen since the increase are $1500-$1700.

PM me if interested.

Here it is sitting in the car with a stock seat on the passenger side (this is a '99 Boxster with a hardtop):

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