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throw away that armor all!
localy you can find 303 Protectant at autostores. I try to stick with the German made stuff. For cleaning I use 1Z cockpit premium(weekly) and for UV protection I use the 1Z vinyl and rubber care(bi-weekly, works nicely on tires as well as dash). Keeps it matte finish and dust free. Smells citrusy.

Incidentally, when the car is parked for more than an hour I always keep the top cover on (simialr to the one wetstuff is selling). I find keeping the interior dark eliminates allot of dust build up. The cover also keeps the windshield and windows cleaner longer. Its become a habit to put that cover on, at least until I buy a hardtop. After one winter the cover shows allot of wear, so I guess its already paying off.
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