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CDC-3 Cable update

I just heard back from PartsHaven in CA; they don't have any used ones at the moment, but will sell a NEW correct cable for CDC-3>CDR-220, for $120. I'm tired of looking, this is the best price for new I've found after almost a year of looking for a "deal"..... So as soon as I get over this year's Santa-Shock; I'll order one from them. Very nice folks, too.
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Originally Posted by superglide
I've been searching for one, too. No luck w/ parts salvage yards. SW Stereo. ad in Excellence, has several @ $190!!!!! He couldn't give me any specific reason for this rather high cost; a very nice gent, and says he only makes 10 bucks on the sale. So, if you find 2 of these.... I'd pay up to $100 for a good one. If you really want a chuckle, call your Porsche parts dept....
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