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Word is it'll be $65K. Shows you why Porsche is so profitable. They dis-associate the Cayman from the Boxster, put in a motor that in reality costs no more than the 3.2L, and crank up the price. If anything, it should be priced the same as the Boxster S at most. Afterall, the 911 coupe doesn't cost more than the 911 cabrio. I really hope they price it ~$55K (wishful thinking).

Yes, you can buy a C6 for cheaper. You can also buy a Z4/S2K/Saturn Sky for cheaper than the Boxster. Apples/oranges.

Also rumored is Porsche's factory driver lapping the Nurburgring faster in the Cayman than the 997S. Imagine if it had the 3.6L or 3.8L motor...

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