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well the detector doesn't distinguish between automatic doors and police car speed guns. It distinguishes between frequencies, it jus so happens that the automatic door operates on the same frequency as some police. WHich sucks but its unavoidable. Which is where the counter comes in really handy. As a general rule areas where there are automatic doors are areas where you really shouldn't be driving so fast. Once your past the 'areas of human activity' I find in my area that the cops usually hang out on desolate stretches of road where there aren't any shopping centers. Stretches where people tend to put the throttle down. this is where my V1 is either quiet or saving my neck.

Its a trade off do you want to be able to know what is going around everywhere or do you want to run the risk of missing a false alarm that isn't really so false? That's a gamble I sooner not take for the sake of convenience.
Some however do choose to run that risk and opt out of the getting the V1. I think false positives are more annoying without the arrows and you will be getting them with any brand.

I have the volume on mine set very low, and have now become acclimated at reading the priority of the arrows and the counters to be able to rather quickly know when something is out of the ordinary. Especially when you travel the same roads frequently, roads where cops like to hang out. The V1 is very consistent in that respect, I can predict with great accuracy when it will go off on those frequently traveleved roads and the arrows instantly confirm my predicitions as false alarms that are behind me.
All detectors require some interpreting and I think these dopey little arrows give you the best tools.
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