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Desert roads wihout trees and buildings allow the radar warning to travel incredibly long distances of 10 miles. So its ideal for testing who has the longest range detector but not really so ideal for a desert driver.

regarding deprograming X:
yeah its cool you can turn it off, but I'm somewhat hesitant to turn off the X warning completely.
Any opninion?
I called Valentine and they said there were no plans to distinguish the X KA, K and Laser bands via different color lights. Must be some direction from a Valentine lawyer.
By the way if you decide to deprogram the X band its code 1 when you do the press down and turn on step. Make sure the arrow is pointing down when code 1 is displayed. Power on off again and a " P " with a light flashing below the P should be indicated.

Also I was cuirious about this, newer V1 have the POP warning incorporated into the K adn Ka alerts.
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