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Originally Posted by pez
Being a Firefighter/EMT I talk to police and troopers all the time, usually their take is if they pull you over and you have a detector in the car means instant ticket, no warning!
Seeing a detector in the car means you intend to break the law.

Just my .02 worth
That's a ridiculus attitude by law enforcement. All one has to do is go on a highway and see that 1% of traffic (around here at least) is driving at or below the posted speed limit. Did they all just decide on a whim to break the traffic laws? No. They intend to break the traffic laws every time they merge onto the highway. Unless there is heavy traffic, no one staying at 55. When I travel to other cities like Miami I can't believe how fast people drive in SUV's, minivans and Jeeps. I bet none of them have ever had any formal driving instruction since they were 17 years old applying for that learners permit.

The funny thing is its not just law enforcement that believe Radar detectors are for "speeders". My friends father shot me a disaproving look when he saw the V1 in my Boxster
Around here People seem to forget that going with the flow of traffic means you speeding. Most people I know go with the flow, even my friend's father.

I think I lost count after the 12th time that my V1 warned me of a police speed trap during light traffic on the two major highways here in NJ. If the cop had decided to come after me at least just once it would have cost more than $400 I spent on the V1 in the ticket and insurance surcharge. Well worth the investment in my opinion. Why walk into a trap if you can avoid it?

People who don't think radar detectors work need to talk to my friend Dan who just got his license suspended after several tickets. And he's defiinitely not a "speeder" and drives an old Volvo. He now has to wake up at 5am to take public transportation to get to work by 9am for the next 6 months(at least 2.5 hours to get home). Yeah that's almost as much commuting time as time at work.
The speed limit is set so that the Police can arbitrarily pick anyone off and bring in some revenue. If he speed limit is intended to be a deterrent then its a collosal failure.
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