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Stupid 'upgrades' and headaches

Seeing as misery loves company so here's my latest. Several months ago I decided to install aluminum trim rings. The adhesive of course gets in places it shouldn't and one of the rings gets scratched in the process. Fine... I clean it up as best I can.

Now I have grown tired of these rings and want to put it back to stock, but the only way to do that now is to replace the whole cluster or find a cheap one and swap the face. I tried sanding off the old stuff which was okay but I ended up leaving the rings on. Now because the plastic faces were slightly scratched around the edges I used my plastic refinishing kit, (which did work extremely well) but I ended up causing a spider crack in the backing plate of the LCD!

Luckily the unit still works and until I can get a replacement I've got to block out the crack. All this because of a useless cosmetic upgrade...grrr. At least my headers and intake had some positive effect on the car.

Any other stories of dumb things you all have done that caused more headaches than they were worth?

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