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I'm guessing your son isn't nearly as cautious of where and how often he drives fast. Hopefully, the flow of fines, insurance hikes and possibly the loss of his license will teach him this lesson the hard way!

And I'm also guessing that you didn't drive the fastest cars in the world at 20+ mph over the speed limit on cross-country trips like the trip I'll be making this summer.

The reason I posted this poll and thread was because I'm driving my boxster from Houston, TX to Gilroy, CA for the garlic festival in late July... I'm going to use the 30 day MBG to discover which radar detector is worth purchasing... the V1 or the X50.

I'm leaning toward the X50 because it's reported to be sensitive, but not false as much as the V1 ... I'm not so worried about false signal noise, but the wife in the car on the trip gets perturbed with it and wonders why it's making noise when it shouldn't. Can't say I blame her.

So, I'm looking for some real-life experience and the poll will help me choose, although it will be hard because few, if any boxster owners own both or have owned both recently to make a good side-by-side comparison.
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