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Lux: These aerosols are only so good as their binders don't have much grip - don't scrub them, as other's have mentioned.

The real stuff is 'heat set' or laminated. I've got Fluroalky Acrylate Copolymer from Bayer Chem which works great but you need 300deg F. to set the resins. It's not practical to iron a convertible top.

I wouldn't buy Scotchguard because the premium you pay goes toward their jet fleet and they haven't been inovative for two decades. I tell some of my people to buy the $5 can of tent spray in Walmart. It's simple silicone and calms peoples nerves for a couple of hours.

The other use for the shipping tape I used as masking is to make long strips and press onto the top to pull al the lint and schmutz off. I then used an air hose to blow any dust out of the weave. As I was too lazy to use proper making tape - I had to wipe off some adhesive from the trim around the edges...

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