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Originally Posted by donv
I did a treatment of RaggTop a year or more ago and it is still going strong; I avoid doing anything but rinsing the top if I can help it now. With my first application I was washing the top and it didn't last as long - probably due to being rubbed off. I find the top gets clean with the RaggTop on it with just a strong water spray.

Definitely a wise move to mask off the rest of the car. The can claims it wipes right off, but it didn't do so for me on my paintwork. I use Zaino so it may be an issue of wax (what they tried) vs. Zaino (sticks like glue).
Raggtopp Sealant/conditioner is good stuff, and I use it on my TT's top. My experience with it mirrors donv's - a little lasts a long time, which is why after doing it once a year along with a Tequipment shampoo, I don't need to do anything but rinse the top and towel dry, during regular washes. Also, getting it off really is a PITA if you leave it at all, contrary to what they say. I did some masking the second time I applied it.
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