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'04 S first gear car shudders/shakes

Hey guys,

I am having some trouble lately with my car. I do not know if its my driving skills but I've been driving this car for about 2 years.

The problem has to do with 1st gear. I am at a complete stop. I give it some revs and slowly release the clutch pedal. Now sometimes, the car will shudder/shake while it is trying to engage the gear. I am pretty sure I give enough revs and I have tried it by giving it even more revs. It is like there is a sweet spot where the car will shudder/shake...

It is kinda hard to explain but I was wondering if anyone has had something similar happened to them.

Generally, what are the overall things I can ask the dealer to check (CLUTCH, FLYWHEEL, TRANSMISSION MOUNTS).

Also, for second gear it feels that the car has produced or produces so much torque because upon going to 2nd gear the car jerks alot like there is too much power coming that normal? What can I do in order to have very smooth gear changes like thousands of other cars I have driven have...

Thanks in advance
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