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I looked at Audi TT, Z4, and Boxster... at the beginning of my quest for a new car, it was actually agonizingly close. I love the design of the TT coupe (to me the TT convertible just doesn't work). And I was optimistic about the new "ground-up" re-design of the BMW roadster.

However, with each passing day, the TT struck me as more and more pedestrian. And the Z4 design, quirky at first, now is downright ugly to me. (Why, oh why, didn't they use Z8 design for the Z4 instead???)

The Z4 seems like the perfect car for people who want a compromise between the Boxster performance and Mercedes luxury/comfort.

I didn't want compromise. I wanted an all out sports car. The Boxster is not only the winner there, but to me, it is also infinitely better looking than all of the above. Classic, timeless, and striking.

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