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Accelerator Potentiometers - Resolved!

I posted earlier that after a rear trunk cable repair, I got a CEL indicating my potentiometers were sending out-of-range signals. I got some help here (thanks Lil Bastard and WVicary), but wasn't able to fix it.

Advanced European (Kenmore, WA) called me and just told me they discovered the problem was they had damaged a wire to the computer during the repair. They fixed it and the car's ready to go.

It gives me a lot of confidence in them that they investigated the problem, owned up to the mistake and took care of it. I am one happy guy.

Interestingly, they did not disconnect the battery during the original cable repair (for the side impact airbag sensor). They were a little worried because they disconnected it for this repair and didn't have the radio code. Fortunately, I have it.
- Jim

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