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If you are looking for an S model I have to vouch big time for manual gear box.
You lose some performance in between shifts with the tiptronic shifting.
This is the point where the Boxster instant torque delivery is most noticeable.
YOu'd never miss it if you never had it, but I doubt most people will point this out to you before you buy. The first time I went through the gears during the test drive I nearly jumped out the car screaming, my salivary glands actually kicked in I tried to keep my poker face in front of the sales man. But I was the first to drive this thing in earnest(it was on a used car lot with no other Porsches) so we were both amazed.

I personally think its in the spirit of Porsche to have a standard 6 speed transmission with a really loud engine. I want the full effect.

DOn't ever buy a car that has been in a collision. Even a minor one, you never know what problems exist that no one is yet aware of.
Sports cars are not SUV's they are easy to get out whack and compromise.
They really need to be looked after.
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